Albury Wodonga’s first ever indie-folk music festival on the banks of the Murray River.




Where exactly is Willowbank?
Willowbank is on a private property on the banks of the Murray River in South Albury. It can be accessed by heading South on Schubach Street, then turning right onto Willowbank Road, or by heading South on Kiewa Street and following it under the highway onto Willowbank Road.

When does it start and end?
By The Banks will run from Midday to Midnight on Saturday December 9.

What time can we arrive?
Gates will open at 11am, music starts at midday! You are welcome to arrive at any time during the event, but we recommend being there for our first act!

Can we buy tickets when we get there?
Yes we’ll have tickets available at the door, but as our capacity is limited, it is safer, and will be cheaper, buying online. You can pre-order your tickets here.

Do we need to print our tickets?
You can, but we are trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so we recommend having your tickets on your phone if possible, rather than printing them off. Trees are cool.

Will we need to bring cash?
We encourage you to bring cash, however there will be a Hume ATM on site if you need it.

Can children come?
Absolutely, we want to expose all ages to the magic of intimate music festivals. We would really like to make the event accessible to families, so children 9 and under are free, and youth aged 10-17 (concession) are $50. Family tickets are also available for two adults and two concession.

Can we swim?
Sorry, no. We know it will be summer, and we know the Murray is a nice place for a dip on a hot December day, but swimming at the event is not allowed. The Murray is a quick and dangerous river, especially where it passes Willowbank and our insurance does not cover water access. Plus it’s a licensed event and alcohol and swimming are not known to mix super well. We will make sure there are other ways of keeping you all cool.

Can we drive?
Absolutely, there will be parking on site. However, we are still finalising the details of parking, as we are wary of the environment and will be promoting car-pooling or alternate methods of getting to the venue.

Is there disability access?
Yes, we have disabled parking and toilets with disability access.

If we drive, can we leave our cars there overnight?
Yep, but we do request that you pick up your car by midday the following day, Sunday December 10.

Is there a shuttle bus?
There certainly will be! Again, the details of this are still being finalised, but we certainly promote the use of this free service! Keep an eye out for an update of these details.

Could we walk?
We don’t recommend walking along the dirt road into the event site, as it is narrow and there will be lots of traffic. Plus its a longer walk than many realise, the bus is definitely a better option.

Is food, water and alcohol available?
Definitely! We want to make your day as comfortable as possible, and are also doing everything we can to promote local businesses, so we’re hoping to have everything you need on site, including water, food from local vendors, and a bar serving a range of beers and wine, including craft beer selections from a New South Wales micro-brewery.

Is it BYO alcohol?
Sorry, but definitely not. Our licensing does not cover BYO alcohol, so don’t do it. We’ll have plenty of alcohol available, don’t worry about that!

Can we bring our own seating and blankets etc?
Absolutely, we’ll have some seating there, but if you want to bring your own, go for it! Just be mindful of the dance floor areas.

Can we leave the venue and return?
Yep, we won’t be holding you in there but you may find you don’t want to leave!

What time does it end?
We’ll be shutting down just after midnight!

Can we camp?
Unfortunately not. Camping is awesome fun, but as this is the first By The Banks, we’re starting off with a one day event as a pilot event. Also, we have the most epic venue site, but is on private property that is regularly used for farming (try Willowbank pumpkins some time!), and we don’t want to dig it up too much. Let’s see how this year goes and perhaps we’ll chat about camping at future events. If you drive to the venue and then drink, we recommend getting a lift home or using the shuttle bus, then collecting your car in the morning.

What happens if it rains?
Bring a rain jacket and umbrella. Dancing in the rain is good fun, and we have a plenty of shelter.

What happens if it seriously rains?
We are working on a back-up date for the event in the case of inclement weather. All tickets will be valid for this date.

Will there be other things happening apart from the Music?
Yes, as amazing as the music is going to be, we’ll have some other things going on. As well as the food vendors and bar, we have a selection of local and travelling market stalls to check out, yoga sessions, interactive art installations, and some workshops run by local community members.

How can I get involved or ask any further questions?
If you like the sound of what we are aiming for with By The Banks Music Festival and are interested in helping out in anyway possible, or have any more questions, please shoot us an email.

What if you have a noise complaint?
Please call Vicki Gray on 0416 436 966.


Two mates from Albury decided to start a festival…

By The Banks is a not-for-profit music festival set on the banks of the Murray River and featuring the incredible talent of local, interstate and international artists. A true collaboration of creativity and commerce in the Albury Wodonga region, By The Banks aims to showcase our creative industries while also supporting local businesses. Run by a team of passionate, music-loving locals, the festival embodies the groundswell of support for live music in the area.

 This is your opportunity to gather and celebrate with friends, fellow music lovers and creative types in a spectacular riverside setting this summer. By The Banks music festival is proud to be an all-ages, all-access, cross-cultural event.